Thin black line

A thin black line - the symbol of boundaries we set, but also the ones that are given to us, and by which we are truly limited...all of the lines we don't know how to cross, all of the fears, which inhibit us, and in front of which we peter out. In that fight with that what limits us, we are utterly stripped ant there's nothing but void around us. Do some "lines" really limit us, or we chain ourselves while wanting to hold on to what's familiar, what makes us feel safe? To go out of walk across that imaginary or real line is the only way.

A song of the famous ex-Yu songwriter, Dzoni Stulic "Tanka crna linija", meaning ''A thin black line", starts with these lines:

“ The show is over, next time
don't touch my face beneath the ashes
with all of the pearls around your neck,
you are a thin black line…
surrounding and find a way out. ”
Dzoni Stulic

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