Inner space

"Inner Space" is a reaction and my answer to the classical portraiture based on capturing subject's eyes and often making eye-contact with the camera. My intention was to try to find some other less explicit way of portraying believing the inner state and the personality of the subject could be presented in a different, much "wider" way, based on the experience and understanding of the beholder. I started to develop the idea of a "dreaming" subject. Emotions come to surface the moment looking at the camera becomes irrelevant. The surroundings become part of the subject and their story, their inner space I am trying to explore. Most photos were created as a part of this project but some where taken spontaneously, in the street, during travel or in any situation where people were relaxed enough to join me in this exploration and new way of looking at things.

For some of the photographs double exposure was used. Texture and things  are included as the elements that speak about the flow of thoughts and  mood of the models. Colors on the photographs and the details of the entourage have the same function. In the essence, everything around the models is in the function of their inner space and thoughts that  remain unseen behind their  closed eyes. — Aleksandra Leković

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