Bettwen the lines

Series of photographs dominated by geometric shapes, most significantly lines which lead to or bind people, which are always present in the frame. The photographs were taken in urban spaces, where the setting reflects the estrangement which is dominant in those settings, so it is no surprise that the people in them are alone or unconscious of others. Geometrical shapes, surfaces and textures in the photographs are a part of a setting and our living space, but symbolize the boundaries that are imposed by our everyday lives as well, and their rhythmic repetition imitates the monotonous day-to- day events and the fast-paced rhythm of contemporary life, everything that pressures and binds the modern man. However, often the lines and shapes with which the man is “bounded” are simply a game of light and shadow and create an illusion of boundaries due to which we feel alone and estranged from ourselves and the others, so one can take away a possibility of escape from these photographs, through life-long optimism and courage necessary for crossing the “line”. — Aleksandra Leković

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